San Camp

San Camp offers a refuge of comfort and civilization in a beautifully austere desert setting. The camp, with its six guest tents, is situated on the edge of the vast and mysterious Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, the remnant of an extinct super lake that once covered most of Botswana. The area is so vast and open that you can literally see the curve of the Earth! The camp’s classic white tents are majestically perched on the shore of the sparkling saltpan, each sheltered by a cluster of stately desert palms. The camp exudes minimalist safari elegance and is undoubtedly one of the most unique and romantic camps in all of Africa. The highlights of the camp include some of the best guiding in all of Africa and superb cuisine.

San Camp offers safari enthusiasts a complete desert experience, with game drives focused on unique desert-adapted species such as aardvark, gemsbok, springbok, the rare brown hyena and gangs of habituated wild meerkats. During the wet season (November through mid-April) you can witness Africa’s second largest zebra migration. Other activities include racing across the pans on quad bikes (dry season only) and the opportunity to head out on nature walks with local San Bushmen, who share their secrets for surviving in this harsh environment. Heading deep in the pans, guests can explore remote archaeological sites. This is also a superb spot for bird lovers interested in spotting unique desert species.

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