Meet Our Characters: Super Sande

Pru Allison
August 14, 2018

What’s your full name?

“My full name is Super Sande.”

Where are you originally from?

“I come from a village called Senyawe In the North East.”

Where are you based now?

“I am now based in Gweta village to the north of Jack’s Camp.”

How did you become a guide?

“I was introduced by Ralph Bousfield to guiding.”

What’s your position at Natural Selection?

“Today I am a professional tour guide at the camps and do lead some mobile expeditions. I also help new guides in getting to know the areas where we operate.”

What do you love about your job?

“My job changes people’s lives. It gives people different experiences that become memories to last their lifetime. Those memories are the ones that drive them back to Africa.”

What’s it like to guide in the Makgadikgadi?

“Makgadikgadi is a very challenging place to guide. It gives you time to think since there is not much around you when on the saltpans. Populations of birds, zebras, and other species come in bigger numbers than most places – guests usually arrive not expecting much and they get blown away by this.”

Do you have a favourite camp?

“I like all places and also like guiding in all camps that we have.”

What’s been your favourite sighting so far?

“My best sighting so far was fighting lions. It was over a zebra kill. There were nine males in the park and three in each pride fought for two days and none of them got the food at the end. They were too busy fighting away and vultures and hyenas got a free meal.”