Meet Our Characters: Zambo Mainga

Natural Selection
December 02, 2019

We chat to Khwai Private Reserve guide Zambo Mainga


Where are you from originally?

“I was born and raised in a small village called Satau.”


What was it like to grow up there?

“It’s a remote wilderness area, so I grew up living with animals.”


What’s your favourite indulgence?

“I love eating traditional food with raw veggies like ginger, garlic, onion and fresh chillies. My favourite food is sorghum meal fish, pork and fermented soft porridge. I also love green tea, kombucha drink and lemon water with honey every morning before I brush my teeth!”


We hear that you like to keep yourself fit too?

“Yes, I keep myself fit with dumbbells and barballs four times a week. I also use a skipping rope every day.”


What is your least favourite thing?

“I don’t like lies, and I don’t like lies about me. I believe in honesty, but no one should take advantage of it.”


What were you doing prior to becoming a guide?

“I am a brick layer and I trained for four years at Gweta Brigades. I like designing stuff and I am capable of carpentry and plumbing.”


What do you enjoy about guiding?

“I like my current job because I meet people from different countries with different cultures which are interesting, and I learn a lot from them.”


What are your plans for the future?

“I am ready to learn from anyone anything important and different to what I know.”