Jack’s Camp

Jack’s Camp is one of the most iconic and celebrated camps in all of Africa. Situated on the edge of a vast saltpan, the remnants of a prehistoric super lake, the camp’s striking, otherworldly setting invokes the savage beauty of a long-forgotten Africa. A visit here may be as close as you’ll ever get to feeling that you’re on a different planet. Legendary explorer Jack Bousfield stumbled upon the site of the camp in the 1960s. It so captured his imagination that he set up camp under an acacia with the unshakable expectation that others would feel the same way. As an homage to the vision of his father, Jack’s son Ralph and his partner Catherine refurbished the camp in 2003 in a traditional East African 1940’s safari style.

Today the camp is an oasis of comfort and style in midst of the Kalahari. Jack’s Camp is all about surprises. First, there is the camp itself, which consists of luxurious and stylish old-world tents (ten in all), complete with bhukara-muslin draped walls, Persian rugs, and vintage lithographs, as well as a private museum, a swimming pool pavilion and a decadent tea tent. If you’re feeling restless in camp, there are plenty of unique activities to get your heart racing. Get up-close and personal with a group of wild meerkats, spend time walking in the wild with a group of San Bushmen, head out on a game drive in search of desert-adapted species, such as lion, cheetah, oryx, brown hyena and, during the green season (November through mid-May), Africa’s second largest zebra migration.

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