Have you ever sat in the front row of a theatre, so close to the performers that you can feel every animated move, and see every whispered cue? Well, Natural Selection Botswana safari camps and lodges are a bit like that. You will hear the haunting crack of a lion biting through a zebra carcass, taste the dusty whiff of an elephant herd, and be totally immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. We don’t just want to drive you around, pointing things out as we go; we want to ensure you’re always centre stage, with nature’s greatest performance unfolding in every direction.  Botswana is vast. 38% of the country (an area roughly the size of France) is dedicated to national parks, reserves and wildlife areas, and much of it is so remote that the only way in is by tiny, buzzing aircraft – but only after the runways have been cleared of wayward giraffe and zebra… Our safari camps and itineraries are designed to take you deep into these remote places (ones you’ve heard of and some you haven’t), and far, far away from the crowds.

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