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Serene Isolation

Remote, awe-inspiring and enchanting, Namibia is a country that takes you further off the grid than you ever thought possible. It’s also a country that loves to surprise. You’ll travel to places where it seems that life couldn’t begin to survive, let alone thrive, and then a rhino walks past, a lion’s roar floats through camp, and an elephant ambles past on his nomadic journey. On a Natural Selection Namibia safari, we’ll take you to the most remote corners of Namibia, and best of all, the experience is never shared with anyone but the wildlife. Namibia is a lost world of camera-baffling, eye-tricking landscapes. At first, the desert-scapes appear the same. But then you’ll spot hidden waterholes, wildlife congregating in photogenic union, and elephant, lion and rhino appearing above the desert’s mirage. Wherever water flows, animals are destined to follow, making game viewing surprisingly easy in such a vast and forbidding place. At Natural Selection award-winning Namibia safari camps and lodges, we’ll get you indelibly close to the wildlife that you might not even know is there.

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