Etosha Heights Private Reserve

Founded in 1999, Etosha Heights is one of the largest private reserves in Namibia, sharing a 65-kilometre boundary with the famous Etosha National Park. The reserve offers 60,000 hectares of unspoiled wildlife, landscapes, and tranquillity; truly a place to reconnect with nature and escape the modern stresses of life. The wildlife here rivals the best. It is as game-rich as Etosha, except without the crowds. So you’ll have undisturbed wildlife experiences, seeing lion, cheetah and many of Namibia’s fascinating desert species, but the reserve is probably most famous for its strong population of both black and white rhino. Here you’ll capture incredible sightings of these magnificent creatures, as well as an abundance of game and birdlife. The reserve is also a conservation success story, protecting the rhino and wildlife that live here. So if you love the arid wilds of Namibia, or Etosha is on your wish list, seriously consider spending time at this exceptional reserve. Our camps provide the perfect base to explore this wildlife Mecca, away from the hustle and bustle of the national park.


Available Routes

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