24 Hours at Meno a Kwena

Author Pru Allison
Date February 16, 2020

With views that’ll stay with you forever and a warm welcome, Meno a Kwena at the edge of Botswana’s Makgadikgadi is a firm favourite with many a safari-goer. Here’s a little glimpse of what 24 hours here might have in store.


Your Arrival

Meno (as it’s affectionately known) is an easy drive out of Maun, so there’s no need to board another aircraft once you’ve arrived in Botswana.

There’s a real family feel here and our staff come from the local communities. Their warmth is genuine and disarming – you’ll feel straight at home. A warm cloth and a cool drink will refresh you after your journey, then there’ll be a short introduction to the camp and how everything works.

Depending on your arrival time you might opt to take a seat at the dining table beneath the parachute ceiling and twinkling lanterns to enjoy a spot of lunch.


Time For Tea

It’s likely that after unpacking, relaxing in your room, and soaking up the view across the Boteti River and Makgadikgadi, you’ll want to stretch your legs around camp. Perhaps head to the pool pavilion and dangle your feet into the clifftop pool while watching animals such as zebras and elephants quench their thirst at the river below, or tuck yourself away on a daybed in the reading tent.

It won’t be long before the sweet smell of afternoon tea wafts through the bush air, inviting guests to indulge in iced tea and a sweet treat or two.


On The Water

Meno’s clifftop position makes it a truly unforgettable camp, but you needn’t just look at the water, why not hop aboard a boat ride and travel along it? Not only is it great fun to motor up the river in the company of one of our experienced guides, it allows opens up a whole new perspectives as you see elephants from such a low angle and watch the striped reflections of zebras glisten through the watery ripples.

The monochrome movement through the river will soon be joined by a swell of pastel hues as the African sun sinks towards the treeline through an ombre watercolour sky. That’s the cue for sundowners!


Beneath Sparkling Skies

The boat is moored alongside the floating hide. Photographers would do well to position themselves here during the elusive golden hour for some cracking photographic opportunities.

Having taken in the tranquil waters from the hide, it’s back to the room to add some warm layers and splash some water on your face in time for the evening meal.

Dinner is often enjoyed out in the open here, with a star-studded sky overlooking jovial conversation and anecdotes from the day.

A crackling camp fire takes centre stage here, and many guests will take the opportunity to enjoy a couple of drinks around the engrossing flames, spending quality time with fellow travellers before being escorted back to their rooms for the night.


How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

We like ours freshly cooked over an open fire at Meno a Kwena.

The Meno breakfasts are legendary and it can be rather tricky to leave the table. It’s well worth it though when you do finally tear yourself away, before a morning activity awaits.


Take A Walk

Why not spend the morning out in the bush with the folk who know it best? The Bushmen and women are fascinating people to spend time with, as well as being friendly and fun. They love having kids along for a walk through the locale, and always make a big fuss of them as they explain their culture and how they’ve lived in the environment for generations.

This is always a really informative and eye-opening excursion.

You’ll leave early and be back in time for lunch before heading on to your next camp or deciding on your next activity here at Meno a Kwena.

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