Introducing Our Botswana Conservation Itinerary

Author Jules Hadley
Date March 19, 2022

Wild Adventure That’s Good For The Soul…


More of us are making conscious decisions about travelling in a more eco-friendly, impactful, and ethical way. We want to connect with nature, with communities, and get a deeper understanding of the places we visit.

At Natural Selection we are proud to introduce our new 8-day Botswana Conservation Itinerary for those of you not only wanting a rich safari experience, but also wanting to see first-hand how responsible tourism can positively impact conservation and communities.

Meno a Kwena – Makgadikgadi – Botswana

This conservation focused trip will take you deep into the heart of our sustainable safari operation, where you’ll stay at 3 of our luxury camps – Meno a Kwena, Little Sable and Mapula – and get greater insight into 5 projects we are involved in, and how they help us protect some of Africa’s last great wild places.

Your trip will be privately guided by a specialist guide, with deep experience in conservation and a passion about sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you.

We believe this trip will inspire you and give you a better understanding into how, together, we are helping to protect beautiful Botswana and its people.

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