Meeting Mongoose at Hyena Pan

Author Pru Allison
Date September 17, 2018

There are plenty of ways to get out and see the wildlife in our various reserves, whether it’s by vehicle, horseback, from the water, or one of the other myriad ways we introduce guests to the various species that inhabit the land, but one way of getting up close to an opt overlooked species that’s quickly gaining momentum, is to pay a visit to our dwarf mongoose at Hyena Pan in Khwai Private Reserve.

A colony of the tiny characters had taken up residence around the camp, and so the decision was made to habituate them, allowing guests to become better acquainted with these fascinating little carnivores and gain an insight into their daily life.

There are two different families of these delightful, and lesser-known mongoose who reside around Hyena Pan, and the habituated group mostly reside in a disused ant-hill close to camp. The habituated group is known as The Tshameko Family, and they’re always full of fun and eager to play. Guests are able to sit quietly with staff as the little family wakes up and they all begin to sun themselves. This morning activity is usually combined with a morning walk from the camp and ends with tea beneath a shady tree.

Up to two people can sit with the family, and may get as close as five meters as they undergo their morning routine. Guests usually spend about an hour with the mongoose before leaving them to continue with their day.

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