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Author Natural Selection
Date December 12, 2022

Ralph Bousfield and Super Sand jointly win Tatler Travel Best Safari Guide in Africa 2023 and we couldn’t be prouder.

Giving guests what they never knew they wanted, that’s what sets you apart from the competition and wins you the Tatler Travel Guide’s prestigious award for best safari guide 2023. Years of experience, a passion for guiding, exceptional research and knowledge of the environment and all its living creatures, as well a deep understanding of what guests are looking for, all thrown together with oodles and boodles of charisma and charm… are just a few of the key ingredients that make Uncharted Africa’s Ralph Bousfield and Super Sande, the winners of the Tatler Travel Guide’s best safari guide in the world.

The two are a formidable team. Ralph Bousfield, owner of the iconic Jack’s Camp, comes from a family who has guided safaris for five generations. Ralph literally grew up on safari and has been guiding since 1976. He was lucky enough to have one of the greatest teachers and mentors, his father, Jack Bousfield, a professional hunter and a pioneering visionary with a passion for adventure. Jack worked with some of the greatest hunters and trackers in Africa and his knowledge rubbed off on Ralph.

“Come with an open mind. The experience is not just about the safari itself, but it’s about coming to Africa, the birthplace of the human race. There is a feeling of coming home here. I like to question what may seem obvious and to seek the unexpected. There are always new frontiers to be explored” says Ralph. 

Super Sande, has been living in the Botswana bush his whole life. Born in Senyawe, a village in North-East Botswana. He worked for Jack as a teenager at an animal orphanage, and then later started his guiding career under the watchful eye of Ralph, in 1994. Since then, Super and Ralph have been sharing their exceptional guiding skills and experiences with guests over the years. This level of guiding is what our safaris of character represent and their trademark knack of storytelling genuinely sets them apart. This accolade is not only well deserved, but it is one that we are extremely proud of.

“As a safari guide, you need to know the land and use your senses. You smell for the acacia flower, that is full of butterflies. You listen for the birdcall, and work out what it means. You look for the tracks in the sand and read the land. You need to communicate that to guests and bring the land to life for them”. Explains Super. 

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