The Covid-19 Village Support Program

Author Natural Selection
Date April 03, 2020

Dear former safari guests, Africa enthusiasts, agents, friends and relatives,

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel bans and the temporary closure of most tourism camps in Botswana and Namibia, it is a time to be mindful of the vulnerable communities in remote areas of Africa who depend on tourism.

The COVID-19 Village Support Program will be transporting food parcels to remote villages in Botswana and Namibia to improve nourishment of communities in the face of this unprecedented viral threat. Additionally, the Feed-a-Child Program will continue regardless of school closings and our Elephant Express buses will be on the road in the northern Okavango Delta assisting people with access to clinics via dangerous elephant corridors and with school transport as and when schools reopen.
Over the last three years, 1.5% of every guest’s stay in our camps has been committed to regional conservation and community projects. Combined with direct outreach from our operations, this amounts to nearly one million USD distributed to wildlife conservation and community outreach initiatives.

But this is not enough.

For the first time, we are reaching out for public contributions to bolster resources via the Natural Selection Foundation and help support the thousands of rural livelihoods that will be affected by the temporary closure of tourism camps.

We welcome and cherish any donations, no matter how small. Every dollar counts.

Please donate here to support this cause.

Help make a difference!

• $75 US dollars will feed a family of 6 for one month
• $300 US dollars will feed a classroom of children for one month
• $1400 US dollars pays for one Elephant Express bus for one month
Thank you for your support.

The Natural Selection Foundation
US registered 501c3 charity


Photos by Martin Harvey

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