The Giraffe Eyes Have It

Author Pru Allison
Date September 24, 2019

Conservation has always had a feel-good factor associated with it, but now it’ll actually help you look good too, thanks to a new range of luminescent eye shades by Chantecaille, one of which has been developed to benefit our partners the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

The six shadows have been created in earthy tones to pay tribute to and benefit some of Africa’s most endangered species: the elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah, giraffe, lion, and pangolin. Each of these species is under threat from shrinking habitats, conflict with humans and illegal poaching.

“Part of the joy of having this company is that Chantecaille can act as an ambassador and a voice for animals,” smiles Sylvie Chantecaille. “This fall we are proud to partner with six amazing charities working to prevent the extinction of these endangered African species.”

The shade of eye shadow that benefits giraffes is a burnished brown, making it an ideal tribute to the long-legged lovelies.

With 111,000 left in Africa, giraffes are facing somewhat of a silent extinction, making the work of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation incredibly important. The NGO works with partners such as Natural Selection in 15 African countries, using methods such as community-based ‘giraffe guard’ initiatives, innovative tracking technology, and translocations.

Luminescent Eye Shades, USD$52. Chantecaille.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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