All About Namibia

Author Pru Allison
Date August 07, 2018

Otherworldly, ethereal, infinite… these are just some of the adjectives that get bandied around when the converted get onto the subject of Namibia, but just what is it about the country that captures the imagination so steadfastly, and why visit it instead of one of its Southern African neighbors?

Namibia is one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating countries, not to mention one of the most sparsely populated. The country has an area of 824,268 square kilometers and a mere 2.1 million inhabitants. Its capital, Windhoek, is home to around 350,000 of those people.

Namibia is particularly known for having the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei, and for having one of the world’s greatest conservation areas in Etosha National Park.

If like us, you find yourself drawn to the characters of a place, Namibia won’t disappoint. This golden land is home to numerous tribes, among them are the striking and nomadic Himbas and the extraordinary Hereros – notable for their distinctive Victorian style of dress.

The wildlife is quite fantastic too. Whilst the country cannot provide the lush habitats of some of the nearby countries, there are desert-adapted species, such as lions and elephants, who’ve mastered the art of survival in this quite barren landscape and are all the more interesting for it.

Add to that the unforgettable Skeleton Coast and coastal resorts such as Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, and you have a recipe for a trip like no other because that’s exactly what Namibia offers.

Someone who knows the lay of the land especially well is our head of sales, Peter Allison who has lived, guided and traveled extensively throughout the country. Here’s what he had to say about Namibia’s allure…

“Namibia is unlike any other part of southern Africa, unlike anywhere else in the world. It ranges from the second driest place on the planet (the Namib, which is also the oldest desert) to the Kalahari, with permanent freshwater only found with rivers at its north and south. This has led to landscapes harsh but mesmerizingly beautiful. It is the supermodel of nations, without a bad angle and gorgeous in any light. What sets it apart from other desert destinations is its life. Just when you convince yourself that nothing could ever survive in its high dunes, or craggy red mountains, something entirely unexpected will appear. It could be a stately oryx, or a small group of the endemic Hartmann’s Mountain zebra, on occasion an elephant or lion will reveal itself. This is a nation of surprises, beauty, and where you will not just understand the world is huge, but feel it.”

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