Meet Our Characters: Kyle MacIntyre

Author Pru Allison
Date February 05, 2018

We caught up with the Sable Alley guide to find out more about his life in the bush, and how his childhood shaped his skills

What made you want to become a guide?

“I am at home in the bush. I am constantly exposed to magic moments, and I really enjoy sharing them with others. It’s an unpredictable job, and I always enjoy listening to the highlights of the day’s experiences as we sit around the camp fire.”

How did you prepare for life as a guide?

“It was always part of life growing up in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. My mum and dad were both guides, and so were most people living there in those days!

I spent many weekends out on bush trips in the Okavango, sitting around the camp fire with like minded people, where I learned a lot.

I did mobile safaris and more recently, fat bike safaris with my father, and one of the true legends of the bush – Chris Kruger.”

What makes Sable Alley in Khwai Private Reserve a good area to guide in?

“The permanent river provides a healthy variety of habitats, including savannah, woodland, sandvelt, and seasonal floodplains, all of which lend themselves to a variety of different activities.

The big five, along with bat-eared foxes, honey badgers, a bush pig, sable and roan antelope have all been highlights for me.”

Which is your favourite animal to spend time with?


Do you have a favourite anecdote from a game drive that you can share with us?

“One day I was checking out a vacant water hole before my guests landed. Upon arrival, they told me that they were hoping to see the elusive African wild dogs for the first time. Once I’d collected the guests from the airstrip I returned with them to the same water hole for a briefing.

Just 15 minutes after their request for wild dogs, five of them emerged for some midday bathing right behind me as I was giving the briefing!

That’s always a great start to a trip!”

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