Meet Our Characters: Maggie

Author Pru Allison
Date January 02, 2019

What’s your full name?

“My full name is Margareth Chlothilda Vries, better known as Maggie.”

Where are you from originally?

“I’m originally from a Farm called Vrede, Torra Conservancy, Kunene Region.”

Where are you based now?

“I’m currently based at Etosha Heights, Safarihoek Lodge.”

How did you get into the travel and tourism industry?

“I never saw myself in the bush, because I was born in the bush, grew up and was schooled in the bush, so I couldn’t see myself working in the bush too!!

After my school years, I went to Windhoek to look for a job. I walked around the city but with no luck. Bonmilk, Hartlief, from door to door, it was just “Kapena Ilonga, Geen Wek, No Job” NBC at the time was also looking for newsreaders, I applied but with no luck at the end of the day. I end up being a babysitter for my cousins’ daughter. On a weekend I returned to the farm, in the Torra Conservancy Area, and heard about a camp that was opening, but still, I wasn’t keen to work in the bush. Eventually, I did apply and was lucky to be chosen and went for training to Ongava Lodge. I returned after the month and started working at Damaraland Camp as a housekeeper and waitress and then I climbed the ladder. After seven and a half years I went to Ongava Tented Camp and managed it for a year and nine months. I came to Doro!Nawas for another 10 months and went to Windhoek as a trainer. After four and a half years in Windhoek, I returned to Damaraland Camp again for another four years. I then joined the team at Ongava, Andersons Camp as a manager and training and events coordinator, till I joined Safarihoek Lodge last year. I’m excited to work at Etosha Heights Private Game Reserve.”

What’s your role at Natural Selection?

“Manager at Safarihoek Lodge.”

What does your job entail?

“Managing the lodge and keeping my guests happy always and keeping my staff happy too. I also make sure we have lots of wow activities on offer.”

What makes Namibia such a special country to visit?

“The different cultures and friendly people. Namibia also has wild open spaces, with so many beautiful faces. It’s also a country that takes the protection of the environment seriously, and it’s a very safe country to drive around. The desert is beautiful too, and there are amazing views and contrasts. Then of course, there’s the wildlife!

Please describe Safarihoek.

“Safarihoek is a totally different place from my previous experiences. The first day I came here I thought that we will never get to our destination because it was so far. It’s a very unique place.

What makes Safarihoek a great camp to visit?

“Safarihoek Lodge is a place of peace and tranquillity with beautiful views. There are lots of sable antelope and we have beautiful photographic waterhole.”

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