Meet Our Characters: Theresa Vezembruka Kahorongo (Tessie)

Author Pru Allison
Date September 02, 2019

Where are you from originally?

“I was born and raised in Windhoek Namibia.”

What’s your job at Hoanib Valley Camp?

“I am an assistant manager.”

What does a day at work entail for you?

“I am more often than not a supervisor and a host for the guests through the course of the day but I also do admin work during the day.”

What makes Hoanib a special area in your opinion?

“The fact that it’s a remote area makes it special to me. Something about living in the middle of nowhere is thrilling.”

As a Herero woman do you have the opportunity to wear your traditional outfits in camp?

“Yes, I have and definitely try to wear it around the guests to give them a glimpse of the Herero culture in Namibia.”

What’s your background prior to joining Natural Selection?

“I was in the same position as I am now at Etosha Heights.”

What’s your favourite part of your job?

“I enjoy being a host because I love socializing and meeting new people.”

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

“I often find it difficult to balance admin work, management, and hosting.”

Do you have a favourite Namibian camp?

“No, I’ve worked at a lot of camps throughout Namibia and they are all uniquely beautiful.”

Please describe Namibia in three words.

“Hot, dry and magnificent.”

Why should people visit the country?

“Because they’ll never encounter a country with its kind of beauty. Countries are often considered beautiful because they are big, or because they have luscious green vegetation or luxurious hotels and ‘out of this world’ tourist attractions. However, Namibia’s beauty lies in its simplicity.”

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