Four Of Our Favourite Hide-Outs!

Author Jules Hadley
Date January 14, 2022

Get up close and personal, in four of our favourite Natural Selection hide-outs. This is where the wildlife comes to find you…

Sunken, raised or floating at Natural Selection all our hides are an adventuresome way to hang-out in the wilds of nature. Simply grab your camera, binos, bird book, find a comfy position and silently wait for the wildlife to come to you…

The phrase “up close and personal game viewing”, was simply made for our two underground elephant hides in Khwai Private Reserve, situated in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Not only do guests have ankle-level views of the ellies as they jostle and slosh for Botswana’s most precious resource – water – it’s also perfectly situated, allowing the wildlife to carry on, without any disruptions or the slightest concern that anyone is there.

Pula Pan Hide, the closest hide to Hyena Pan and Skybeds and then Pan51 Hide situated slightly further away and close enough for guests at Little Sable and Sable Alley to enjoy (after a quick helicopter flight there) – are both ideal for experiencing intimate eye-to-eye encounters with huge herds of elephants while in a safe structure. Each sunken hide is built at a bustling waterhole frequently visited by a plentitude of exciting creatures. With comfy game viewing chairs to swivel on, simply perch yourself in the hide and enjoy up-close views of the waterhole and its menagerie of thirsty visitors.

“Being in one of our KPR hides, you get the perspective of a tortoise that has wandered into a herd of elephants as they drink. It’s a little intimidating but the most thrilling elephant experience I have had in 27 years of guiding” explains Peter Allison, one of our specialist guides.

Meno a Kwena, on the Boteti River in the Makgadikgadi in Botswana, offers guests an all-year round floating hide experience. Enhancing the game viewing opportunities right in front of camp. Here we offer guests a close-up of wildlife activity from the vantage point of the river. With an abundance of wildlife and birdlife this is an incredible experience. And once a year, when the Zebra and wildebeest migration occurs, this huge explosion in all directions is every photographer’s dream. We provide picnic lunches and bar facilities for guests spending time here – this hide will truly delight!

At Safarihoek, in Etosha Heights Private Reserve Namibia, we have our exciting double storey photography hide that looks out onto a large natural waterhole with an abundance of game and birdlife frolicking there throughout the day. Ideal for guests wanting to stay close to camp, it’s perfectly positioned to capture incredible sightings, including Rhino that the area is famous for.

Being on two levels there are two amazing vantage points. The upper level has wheelchair access and a toilet and offers magical birds-eye views looking out onto the waterhole and surrounding areas from above. The ground level is ideal for an eye level view of all the action. The hide has also been set up for serious photographers. There is a charging station with international adaptors, USB port charging, areas for gear storage and even a day bed for any of our guests wanting to take a little nap in-between shots. Beverages and snacks can also be arranged at any time.

The waterhole is also well lit up at night, allowing guests the opportunity to get in on the action after dark!  A different experience as the nocturnal creatures come to life and one that truly will be remembered as you quietly sit, viewing the game under the mesmerizing moon and a blanket of a billion stars.

Our thrilling Natural Selection viewing hides are often the highlight of our guest’s trip. Each hideaway provides a rare opportunity for visitors and keen photographers to capture stunning wildlife shots and observe the animals in a totally different and close-knit way.

Some of the most amazing sightings by guests have come from patiently sitting and observing the waterhole’s comings and goings from our hides. We find that the best time of day to visit is usually in the early morning or late afternoon because of the beautiful light.

So, if you are ever wanting a front-row seat to extraordinary wildlife spectacles, then we recommend spending time in our hides. This is where the wildlife come to you – and all you have to do is simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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