Coaching For Conservation

Author Pru Allison
Date July 24, 2018

At Natural Selection we’re all about conservation, and a big part of that is inspiring future generations to continue the work.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Coaching for Conservation to bring their innovative conservation education program into our camps.

The C4C (Coaching for Conservation) team has been changing the lives of school children who live near Botswana’s and South Africa’s wildlife areas for a decade with their sports-based outreach work that offers youngsters an insight into the characteristics of different species and highlights the importance of their conservation. There’s also a strong focus placed upon having respect for oneself, other people, and the environment.

Earlier this year the C4C trainers visited our Sable Alley and Meno a Kwena camps to work alongside the guides in creating a camp based version of their program that all the children who visit can enjoy.

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