Meet Our Characters: Festus Eiseb

Author Pru Allison
Date June 18, 2018

We caught up with the general manager at Etosha Mountain Lodge, Festus, to learn more about life in Namibia

What’s your full name?

“Festus Francois Gilbert Eiseb.”

Where are you from originally?

“Born and raised in Namibia.”

Where are you based now?

“Etosha Heights Private Reserve at Etosha Mountain Lodge.”

How did you get into the travel and tourism industry?

“I always had a passion for the bush and its wild creatures. Growing up I loved to discover the mysteries of the wild and of nature, and after graduating from high school I went to a training college where I completed a course in Travel and Tourism.”

What’s your role at Natural Selection?

“I am the general lodge manager at Etosha Mountain Lodge and the campsites.”

What does your job entail?

“Overseeing the overall day to day running of the lodge, which includes overseeing all departments, administration and staff and employee management.”

What makes Namibia such a special country to visit?

“I would say the emptiness, the diversity of the country, and the Namibian people themselves.”

What makes Etosha Mountain Lodge a great camp to visit?

“Firstly, the endless views into the horizon. Being able to explore the vast expanses and numerous waterholes with our trained and experienced guides, creating a more personal experience with nature. The Camp is small and has an intimate atmosphere and the local culture is celebrated within the lodge. The lodge and reserve also have a fascinating history. The cuisine is very good, and lastly, there are two waterholes which can be enjoyed from the main area or from the deck of the guests’ rooms.”

What’s your favourite thing about living and working in Namibia?

“The peacefulness, the people both staff and guests visiting, and of course the unspoiled and diverse natural environments.”

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