Meet The Horses of Ride Botswana

Author Pru Allison
Date October 03, 2020

If you’ve visited our Makgadikgadi camps you’ll know that we offer horseback safaris through our friends at Ride Botswana.

Ride Botswana is a family business run by David and Robyn Foot along with their daughter Kirsty. In addition to the blood relatives, the team includes members of the local community who are employees but also a core part of the Ride Botswana family. There are also 38 horses who are much loved by everyone involved.

The events of 2020 have unfortunately meant that times are extremely tough for Ride Botswana and so they’ve recently undertaken a pioneering ride around Botswana to raise funds for the horses and staff members who rely on the business.

“The welfare of a horse includes daily feeding (imported hard feed and hay), farrier care, unforeseen veterinary bills, including teeth, daily insect repellent, rental of fields, water collection, stabling expenses, associated fuel costs as well as the support for the local communities employed to help,” explains Robyn Foot, whose dedication to community, horses and Africa is admirable. “The list is endless.”

If you’d like to donate to this very worthy cause, please visit

But first, we’d like to introduce you to some of the horses that you’ll be helping.

Name: Ditaka

Height: 15.3hh

Breed: Appaloosa

Sex: Gelding

Age: 19

Colour: Appaloosa

Personality: Independent, intelligent and courageous. Forward going, reliable and VERY comfortable.

Special quirk or skill: His pace is to die for!

Best suited to: a confident, experienced and kind rider.

Back story: Came from an appaloosa stud farm in the Free State, South Africa.

Relatives in the Ride Botswana family: He has a brother called Kambuku who is from the same breeder.

Best friends: He is not one for big crowds so usually just hangs out with Sangalawe, our brood mare who is also a little introvert.

Best trait: Willingness to please on the ride.

Time with Ride Botswana: 9 years



Name: Dupfrie

Height: 15.1hh

Breed: Boerperd/Friesian

Sex: Gelding

Age: 16

Colour: Bay

Personality: Trustworthy, affectionate, sociable, friendly, eager to please.

Special quirk or skill: Playful and fun.

Best suited to: Well-schooled rider with confidence.

Back story: Came from a stable yard in the centre of Johannesburg – what a life change, he is definitely enjoying the freedom.

Relatives in the Ride Botswana family: None

Best friends: He is a man’s man and likes hanging out and being a real lad.

Best trait: Great sense of humour.

Time with Ride Botswana: 9 years



Name: Socks

Height: 15hh

Breed: Kalahari Bush Pony

Sex: Gelding

Age: 16

Colour: Chestnut

Personality: Uncomplicated, totally bombproof, kind, solid and dependable.

Special quirk or skill: Does exactly what he is told to do by anyone who rides him.

Best suited to: Everybody – all ages and skills within the weight limit.

Back story: He came from a cattle post in the Heineveld in Botswana.

Relatives in the Ride Botswana family: None.

Best friends: He’s a people pleaser so anyone and everyone.

Best trait: Bombproof

Time with Ride Botswana: 9 years


Name: Teemane

Height: 16hh

Breed: Clydesdale X

Sex: Mare

Age: 7

Colour: Bay

Personality: Independent, confident, kind, sweet.

Special quirk or skill: Good lead horse – fearless.

Best suited to: Confident and kind rider.

Back story: She is one of our homebred girls.

Relatives in the Ride Botswana family: She’s the daughter of Sangalawe; full sister to Cheyne; half sister to Niassa; aunt to Squirrel.

Best friends: She likes to think she’s in charge of all the girls, probably because of her good looks.

Best trait: Extremely well schooled, thanks to Liz our equestrian manager who backed her.

Time with Ride Botswana: From birth.

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